Automatic Glass Cutting Machine (Sleeve)

  • Control of the machine functions with CNC system.
  • Data transfer via USB.
  • Square and shaped glass cutting function.
  • Transmission of motion through the rack gear system.
  • Adjustable cutting speed.
  • Levers switch to vertical position to load glass plates.
  • Decomposition of cut glasses with pneumatic controlled breaker bars.
  • Air bag system ensuring easy movement of glass plates.
  • Electrical system compliant with general safety rules.
  • Adjustable glass cutting pressure
  OCKM-3210 STK
Process able Size 3210mm x 2550mm
Processable Thickness Min: 2 mm Max: 19 mm
Processing Speed 90~120 mm/min
Processing Accuracy Â+ 0,3 mm
Overall Width 3150 mm
Overall Length 4500 mm
Overall Height 970 mm
Weight 2600 kg
Voltage 380 = 400v 3 N PE AC
Frequency 50 Hz
Total Power 12 kW
Air Pressure 6 bar
Air Consumption 20-40 It/min