Glass Washing Line with Panel Press

  • Stainless and sound-insulated washing unit.
  • 4 or 6 pieces of balanced rollers in the washing unit revolving at high speed.
  • Adjustable glass transport speed.
  • High accuracy brushes that can wash coated glass.
  • Homogenous brush contact for diff erent glass thicknesses.
  • Drying fan equipped with a noise-isolated housing.
  • Heated water tank made of fibre.
  • Standard working directi on from left to right.
  • Right angling unit enabling easy placement of the spacer profiles.
  • Automatic assembling/pressing for double and triple glass.
  • Homogenous pressing pressure is automatically adjuster according to the glass size.
  • Machine functions are PLC controlled; can be monitored on a display.
  • Tilti ng table is placed at the exit of panel pressing unit for unloading.
  • Electrical system compliant with general safety rules.
  OBPP -1700 4/F OBPP-2000 6/F
Glass Size Min: 300x350 mm
Max: 1700x3000 mm
Overal Length 16500 mm 1650 mm
Overal Height 2600 mm 3000 mm
Weight 2250 kg 3000 kg
Voltage 380 ~ 400 3 NPE AC 380 ~ 400 3 NPE AC
Frequncy 50 Hz 50 Hz
Total Power 20 kW 25 kW
Air Pressure 6 bar 6 bar
Air Consumption 200 lt/min 200 lt/min